YAY! MY BLOG IS WORKING / i used to hate godaddy but now i love it

hey there!

i missed you SO MUCH.

not being able to blog sucks.

as you may have noticed, my site was down for about a day because of some stupid problem at GoDaddy.

and at first, i was all ‘man, my new site design must be jacked up. i need to change it to something more plain ASAP.’

but then i couldn’t even get into to my freaking blog to change it because MY SITE WAS DOWN.

so  then i thought ‘i will give it a few hours and see if it fixes itself.’

but it didn’t.

and them my mom called and was all ‘your site isn’t working’

and i was like FRICK. FINE! i shall call GoDaddy’s tech support.

i waited on hold for about 25 minutes, so they could tell me that they were aware of the problem and that it would be fixed ‘sometime.’

i figured i would go to sleep, and wake up to my blog magically fixing itself.

alas, that didn’t happen.

and because i wanted my readers to know that i was totally aware of the fact that my stupid site was down, and because i really was checking out other hosting companies while getting p*ssed about my site, i tweeted:

dude, if GoDaddy doesn’t fix its stupid server soon, im going to have to look at other hosting services. this is NUTS.”

and i shyte you not, about 15 minutes later GoDaddy called me on my cell phone offering to fix the problem.

Viola! just like that. and they were all ‘we saw your twitter and want to help.’

i was seriously feeling some tweet power.

and after a few minutes, i was convinced to switch my site over to a different server at GoDaddy that’s more powerful and better for blogs. a free better server. free for everyone đŸ™‚

yes, it took a few steps, but the GoDaddy handled most of it and by about 8:30 p.m. my beautiful wonderful blog was up and running!!

im not going to lie, there was about 7 minutes in between me giving the GoDaddy man all my info on my site and hosting and them getting it up and running where i worried that i had just givien all my info on my site and hosting to a scam artist.

but then i realized that my phone number is not directly listed on twitter or my blog, so said scam artist would have had to do some crazy digging to call my cell. and i just can’t imagine anyone wanted to go through all that work to rip off the sevenlayerburritos.com domain name.

well, unless it was taco bell i guess. but even that seems crazy.

in conclusion: my site is working wonderfully, i’m sticking with GoDaddy, and twitter really is fixing the world one tweet at a time.

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ok. fine. let’s talk about what twitter is and why i like it.

at first i thought it was just old people. “stupid silly old people” i thought to myself. “they’re just so far behind in technology”

but, alas, i’ve come to find that about 85 percent of my blog readers have no freaking clue what twitter is, and a good portion of them are umm, young.

so, let me explain.

Read more “ok. fine. let’s talk about what twitter is and why i like it.”

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im scared

editor’s note: most of this blog post is now outdated. i have obviously changed my design, which is addressed above. however, it does explain my new twitter feed, so read on if you want to know about that.

so i was inspired by my super cool friend (erin) and her super cool husband (dave) to get a twitter feed on my blog.

the only problem is, my blog design puts things on the sidebar in capital letters.

so i want to change my design (theme).

but im too scared.

actually i changed it for about one second.

but then i changed it right back because my stomach sank. (my blog is like my child. i don’t want anything about it to change.)

the other thing is, i really want a “home” link on my site. if i was web-savy i could just figure out how to make it a page link. but im not. im lucky i figured out twitter.

but other designs automatically include a “home” link.

so what do you guys think? should i change my theme?

UPDATE: oh ya. you’re probably thinking ‘what the heck is twitter?’ well, because i like to talk about myself, i basically added a feed so that i can update that section of my blog (located on the top of the widget column and titled ‘what im thinking right this second’) via my cell phone.

i know. you’re excited.

but this way, when my blogging dies down mid-week, you can still check in and see new stuff on my twitter feed.

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