Dear Sun,


I mean, well, just. Wow.

It’s been so, so, so, so, long.

So. Long.

I was really worried about you.  The days starting ending at 3 p.m., and I thought maybe I’d never see you again. I thought it would be dark outside forever, and that the snow would be here until I die, and that winter would never, ever end.

But now.


And it’s glorious!

Glorious like a big batch of warm chocolate chip cookies, or the latest issue of TIME Magazine, or saving money on my car insurance, or neon lime-green shirts, or Johnny Depp in 3D or a first kiss.

Simply glorious.

I missed you an insane amount. I missed you more than journalism misses the 90s. More than my Catholic friend Diana misses meat on Fridays. Heck, I missed you more than  Tiger Woods misses Nov. 24, 2009.


I’m so glad you came back. Please, never leave me again.

Love (Yes, love),


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Comments (3)

  1. Sandy

    I love the sun too. Just not the dirty windows that it is shinning through.

  2. MinD

    “More than journalism misses the 90s.” So true. It was gorgeous here today, so I know how you feel!

  3. SCVegan

    Sun has been kicking it over at my crib. smoking blunts, drinking IPA, playing madden… girls really dig Sun, makes me popular just being around him.


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