we’ll go ahead and call this a regularly appearing feature: random thoughts 2

So since I’ve been so, so bad at blogging lately, I’ve decided that a good way to post in the middle of the week is to do a list of random thoughts. without further adu (is that how you spell adu?) here is my second installment of random thoughts. (read first installment here.)

· I signed up for political text message updates from MSNBC, and they are seriously sending me 10 a day during the convention. I’m pretty sure my co-workers think I’m popular because my phone keeps lighting up, but really I’m just a nerd who’s finding out things like ‘Confirmed – Bill Clinton will not attend Barack Obama’s speech Thursday evening’ and ‘Anti -war protesters at Pepsi center-War vets w/bullhorns demand to give letter to BO. One police helicopter is circling. The air space is close otherwise.’

· I really, really don’t want to move this weekend. and when I do move, I may not have a bed for like a week. I’m too scared to ask my new roommate if I can sleep on her couch.

· Why can’t anyone invent a good sports bra? Either it goes over your head and provides awkward support that hinders your ability to breath, or it connects in that back and offers no support what so ever. someone at NASA should get on this.

· I’m actually liking my job, although I have this constant fear that I’m going to screw something up and ruin the world.

· My aunt sent me this video and you need to go watch it right this second. I tried to embed imbed put it in this post, but I couldn’t figure out how. don’t be lazy. click the link and watch it right now.

· I spent my last $3.20 at mcdonald’s yesterday. I totally bought three items off the dollar menu and then I felt guilty for spending my last $3.20 at McDonalds.

· Who do you think the next president will be?

· today I stood in line for 1 hour and 12 minutes just to get a free burrito at the new chipotle in crystal lake. what? I like free food, and remember. I just spent my last $3.20 at mcdonalds so it was either that or peanut butter and jelly at home.

· ok. seriously folks. i really don’t want to move AGAIN this weekend.

· how long do you think i can get by wearing flip-flops? late october at least, right?

· today was the first time someone asked me how old I was since my birthday. I confidently replied “25? yes. twenty. five.”

· my mom just got a black berry and now she reads my blog on it, so I feel like i should blog more. (hi mom!).

· if i ever get married, im totally eloping.

· seriously. hold me to this.

· I’m really glad God invented spell check.

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