who’s vegan?

I drove to my mom’s house tonight. and i got here and dropped my stuff off at the door said HI!. and then — for the next FOUR hours, i forgot that i was a vegan. because to my mom and my little sister and my bff I’m not “a vegan.” they just think of me as “crystal.” their daughter, their sister or their bff. a WHOLE person.

and YES there’s a PART of me that’s vegan (at least for the last five days). but there’s SO MANY other parts. like the part of me that’s a journalist. and the part of me that wears pajama pants to the grocery store and the part of me that loves Johnny Depp and the part of me that supports (candidate x). and the part of me that hates snow.

and it was nice. because even though i was hungry (because im vegan), i wasn’t spending EVERY SECOND fantasizing about cheese. i was just talking with my mom and my sister and bff about life. my WHOLE life.  

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