ya. i still miss most cheese.

so even though it’s been nearly five months since I gave up cheese and converted to veganism, i still kinda talk about it all the damn time.

like, when i past a restaurant i used to love i say “MAN. back when i ate cheese I used to love me some Papa Johns.” or “MAN. back when i ate cheese i used to love me some olive garden.” or even “MAN. back when I ate cheese I used to love me some TGIFridays.”

this thought is so constant in my mind, that i find myself having to filter it so I don’t repeat it too many times to the same person.

For example, I’ll think to myself “ok self. you’ve passed six restaurants you used to like. on the seventh one you can go ahead and tell somebody that you miss it. … wait for it. OH! there’s one.”

“MAN. back when i ate cheese i used to love me some applebees.”

mmmmm. applebees.



also, i miss Parmesan.


it’s just so freaking good.


flakes of Parmesan on a plate of fettuccine alfredo. yep. that’s what I’LL be eating in heaven (where I can only assume they serve magical cheese that doesn’t come from animals and is cholesterol free.)

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  1. Truly, go ahead and eat the cheese. If something is consuming that much of your thoughts, go ahead and do it.

    If people are vegan because of issues of animal cruelty, I don’t see what the fuss about eating dairy and eggs is about. Shouldn’t you just be able to establish a criteria for what makes a healthy animal enviroment, establish and frequent farms that only follow those criteria?

    I am in a constant food evolution that I know in the near future will end with me becoming vegetarian. Most of the meals I make now are meatless (mostly due to cost) and most of my recipes in my book are written with vegan alternatives (I have an increasing number of vegan friends.). But I don’t think I will EVER give up cheese. Call me weak.

  2. I thought about you when I binged on Pizza Hut at 1 a.m. Sunday. Between slices and picking off black olives, which I never liked, and shoveling in gooey cheese, I specifically thought “God, how can Crystal live without CHEESE.”

    🙂 Miss you!

  3. Dude, cheese smells like feet.

    fo’ real!

    Wait, you live in Chicago now. Teese is made in Chicago. I will blog about it later, so if you don’t know you soon will.

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