yes. i am aware that this contradicts everything my blog url stands for.

ok. don’t freak out or anything. but, well, i kinda gave up taco bell for lent.

like, really, really gave it up. as in, i wrote it on the purple piece of paper included in my church bulletin and then folded it up and put it on the offering plate.

that means, if i don’t do it. JESUS will know.


so i really, really HAVE to do it. don’t get me wrong, i went back and forth about it in my head for a hot minute before I finalized anything. i was all “well, Jesus did DIE for me. the least i can do is give up tacos.” and then “hmm. but i LOVE taco bell. i eat it like three times a week. what the heck will i eat instead? cereal?” and then “but i guess I don’t love it more than JESUS.”

so i wrote it down.

and folded it up.

and took it up to the offering plate, got my ashes on my forehead and made it official.

all this is an effort to let you know that a. i’d really you rather not eat taco bell in my presence until Easter, because this is going to be super hard. and b. i might be a little cranky for the next 40 days.

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  1. I will give up taco bell too.

    Do non-Taco Bell food items from other Mexi-style food establishments count? Could you eat Baja Fresh or Chipotle?

    You should just convert to Judaism; Yom Kippur is only one day of deprivation.

  2. Y’know, you could just get some frijoles, some cheese, some corn, black beans, salsa and sour cream at the grocery store, warm up some tortillas, and make your own vegetarian Mexican fare at home. Delete the cheese and sour cream for vegan status. In fact, you can buy some Taco Bell spices at most grocery stories in the Chicagoland area, from what I understand. If that violates your liturgical fasting, you could get a competitor’s spice packet.

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