you say couch potato, i say couch pot-a-to

umm, im kind of a loser so the only thing i have to write about right now is my new couch. This might be due to the fact that besides eating, peeing and working the only thing iv’e done since friday is sit on it. (I think i have a bit of a crush on my couch — or as i like to call him, brad (after pitt)).

I’ve watched a LOT of reality TV, seen the first 7 episodes of My Name is Earl (GREAT show btw), and listened to way too many CNN talking heads for my own good.

i WAS kind of worried that i was being lazy, but then i rationalized this away by telling myself that living for 5 months with only an air mattress was kind of like exercise, so i have some lounging to make up for. 

Mostly im just excited that when i watch TV i can sit back and lean on something while i do it. (it’s ok to be jealous.)

i even slept on my new couch because i don’t want to leave it during the night (i’m kind of protective that way.)

don’t worry, i’ll start being active again soon — like three, four days max.

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