Bonding with my mom

My mom and I walk into Wal-mart, with a ‘holy crap we have to pee’ attitude and bolt to the bathroom.

We rush right past a group of women nearby – why are they just STANDING there, where pee is bursting to come out?

Then, into the bathroom – which seems just a little ickier than the usualĀ public restroom.

And there, to the left.

TheĀ urinals.


Holy crap.

We have to leave.

The large group of women -who were in front of the correct bathroom – look at us like we’re crazy and/or stupid.

My mom and I decide to hold it until we can get to the bathrooms by electronics.

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  1. lol, this is pretty funny. though, i remember at Coachella in the VIP where they have proper bathrooms the girls invaded the mens room all jokingly saying the line for the ladies room was too long. I was like, WHAT THE HECK MAN!?! I don’t care how much you smile and act cute, it’s not cool. maybe these other dudes fall for that but I’m smart, and i know that you wouldn’t smile at us or be so flirty if you didn’t have a line to cut in front of us in.
    ….. ok, rant over.

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