I totally freaking met Johnny Depp (again!)

i love him

Here it is!!!!!! the picture I TOOK of Johnny Depp.

did i mention i love him?

because i do. (hell-o! he touched my hand! — we have a con-nec-tion!)

UPDATE: I also took this video of Johnny Depp Thursday night. and before you say anything — it was for WORK! so no, I’m NOT a stalker. I’m just a good employee. ha.

btw, the video is the one labeled ‘Public Enemies’: Depp gives fans a third close-up on April 17.’

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  2. missinsidegirl

    Shoot me for staying on the south side of the thousands of people along the rope line. 😉

  3. Hala J.

    Heeey, cool photo! Congrats on seeing him again!!

  4. Susan

    LOVE HIM!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Rose

    0MFG!! I like cant believe he touched your hand! You are so lucky! I’d die to be you! 🙂


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