so the weather in wisconsin is kinda crazy

i would just like to take this moment to remind everyone that when i interviewed for my current job in wisconsin it was like 80 degrees.

in october.

PEOPLE! it’s the d*mn reason i moved here. that, and the pay raise. but the weather and the pay raise were seriously equal partners in my decision.

and then i got here a measly three weeks later and it snowed everyday for 7 months straight.

and that totally sucked.

but when June came i thought it was in the clear.

i wasn’t.

turns out they get MASSIVE RAINS here. i mean M.A.S.S.I.V.E. massive.

and then, when things start to dry out, you think ‘maybe i can sleep with my window open tonight, seing as how it’s summer and dry out.’

that would be a stupid thought though, because apparently despite the area’s June month, it gets d*mn cold here at night.

and now my throat hurts.

and im applying for jobs in mexico while practicing my spanish on my lunch breaks. seriously. i NEED to be somewhere warmer.

wish me luck. or as they say in espanol: wish me buena suerte.

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  1. You moved to Wisconsin for the weather? What were you thinkin’?
    It’s the people that are great!!!…
    the weather–meh..not so much.

    Glad all ya’ll were safe during the storms. We got it bad.
    Sludge city.

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