jebus people. if you would just vote for (candidate x) we’d be done with this by now

umm, so i heart politics and all, but seriously. this crap is getting old.

really? really? cinco de mayo was Monday and the Democrats still don’t have their crap together enough to name a d*mn nominee? really?


see. this is why the democrats are stupidheads. (look it up. it’s a real political term.) (and i should know. i MAJORED in political science.)

i’ve been a dutiful american since Nov. 2006 (!) and all. and I’ve been totally following this election every. freaking. day.

but it’s getting old. and it’s tearing the party apart. and i KNOW that I’m not really saying anything that hasn’t been said by the 5,483 pundints on CNN (48 percent african american so they can “fairly” cover Obama; 48 percent women so they can “fairly” cover Clinton; and 4 percent old white men so they don’t have to lay EVERYONE off). but i don’t care.

im too frustrated to care.

and i’d like to offer a plan.

everyone just vote for (candidate x) and all of this will be over. and anderson cooper can FINALLY take a d*mn vacation. and newsweek’s cover story can finally NOT be about obama v. clinton and they can go back to covering more important issues.  and i can stop planning my life around primaries in states that probably will go McCain in November any. freaking. way.

im not bitter.

im just american — and i want IMMEDIATE results.


and NO, the Indiana primary hasn’t been decided yet.

and YES i’m going to bed anyway.

take that democracy.



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  1. Well, you are right on many accounts, but in all fairness if Candidate Z would learn how to do math and realize that its over, we could all move on.

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