Pretty sure it’s all downhill now that I’ve met Sedaris.

Hey there.

I’m just chillin like a villain watching the stupid Bears lose.

(stupid. stupid bears). (“chillin like a villain” is totally still cool right?)

I went to church this morning. Youth group was fantabulous. While. Um. Other than the fact  that there’s a small chance someone (name withheld to protect the guilty) ate bad macaroni and cheese. He seemed fine though, so I’m sure it all worked out. or up.

Speaking of church, I’m super worried about swine flu. I’ve calculated that I shake an average of 87 hands per Sunday, which comes out to 5.7 billion million germs. I’m picturing a slow death with a high fever while I apply that hand sanitizer every seven-teen seconds.

Every. Seven-teen. Seconds.

(If I get sick I’m totally suing purell). (unless it causes me to reach my goal weight. Then I’d send a thank-you note). (true story).

I also walked four miles today. Hot frost, it’s getting cold out. Stupid deceptive sun tricks me into thinking I just need a sweatshirt. Five minutes later, my finger nails are purple and my nose is running. In conclusion, I need to join some sort of indoor work-out facility.

Either that, or buy a stairmaster-related DVD from Wal-mart.

(New life goal: Move somewhere with summer all year long).

Well, the Bears are still being stupid, but maybe if I start paying attention I can send them good vibes and they’ll come back in the last 15 seconds.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Lyle called tonight to talk to Glen. It is 95 degrees in Tuscon and he says it is too hot. Even there they get snow. True story. I was there when it snowed.

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