24 ring tone/ 20-something twit

so all my phone calls have officially been elevated to super freaking important status.

that’s because i recently got the ring tone from the CTU office. you know, from the show 24. (which can be heard here). i was inspired to the action by my recent viewing of all of season three of 24 and my lovely co-worker.

ok. so we all know that whenever the phone rings at the counter-terrorism unit, the matter is of LIFE AND DEATH! and now, every time i get a call, i race to grab my crackberry and answer with the urgency of a fireman rushing into a burning elementary school on pre-k visitation day.

“HELLO!” i say, slightly out of breath from the adrenaline rush. “THIS IS CRYSTAL.”

i figure the ring tone will be a good way to remind me that really, any call could be important.

it’s the kind of thing i wish i’d had when my friend Bob called me that one time back in college. maybe then i wouldn’t have been so stupid.

that was back before i knew that people died. well, i mean obviously i knew people passed away, but that they died? that’s never really clear to a person until they experience it. and i was a twit 20-year old back then who never had to hear the news that their first love on this earth was going to be buried in the ground for eternity.

and so, before i knew that about the world my friend Bob called. he had actually been trying to track me down for a while and had finally found a number for a main desk at college, and asked them for my dorm phone number. and at last, he was able to reach me. but like i said, i was a twit 20-year-old, and treated the phone call like the thousands of others i had with him.

like it wasn’t the last time i’d get to talk to him. and i even had the nerve to get angry with him about some lame money issue and we argued until he hung up.

and because he’d had been the one to track me down, i didn’t even have a way to get back in touch with him.

and then, three weeks later he died.

and all of a sudden i was no longer a twit 20-year-old, unaware of the fact that people die. i was changed down to my bones. i was hyper aware. the idea of it all even managed to crush my spirit down to a fine powder for awhile, until i regained my footing in the new world with my new knowledge.

and i still miss him with every beat of my heart in my chest. i still feel a rush of memories whenever i do things like pass the car wash where the two of us kissed, or drive down the road we walked along that night i snuck out to see him.

but now, at least, i know better.

i know that really, any call could be super freaking important.

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things i’ve learned about life by watching the show 24

Last Friday I was in the mood for some serious tv crack, so i went to wal-mart and got a season of the show 24 on dvd. All they had was season one, which I’d already seen, and season three, so i got season three.

all 24 hours it.

anyone who’s ever seen this program knows it’s the equivalent of meth on your television set. it even infiltrates your body and makes your heart pound to the beat of the ever ticking clock while jack bauer tries to save the day.

tick. tick. tick.


it’s pretty intense.

like any drug addiction though, i’ve come away with some life lessons 13 hits in:

1. Doing the right thing is always best. even (especially!) when the wrong choice seems like a win-win without consequences. PEOPLE! there are ALWAYS consequences. On the show this becomes apparent when characters take a bribe, get in cahoots with the enemy, or consider using a drug. the ones who make the wrong choice always die, while the ones who make the right choice, well, they go on to SAVE THE WORLD!

2. Nothing is what it seems. The good guy is the bad guy is the good guy again. and then, when you LEAST expect it, the bad guy again. true story.

3. Bangs were really popular in 2003 (when this season aired). I love bangs.

4. A lot can change in a day. People in your life could have random children, a virus threat could be part of a larger plan and anyone can die at any moment.

Which brings me to:

5. The main character can’t die. ever. especially on a dvd version of the show. HELLO, the secret’s out. he must live through the day, because there’s been like eight more seasons. unless there’s some sort of time travel im unaware of.

I’d write more, but I HAVE to find out what happens to Nina now. if you don’t hear from me in 11 hours, feel free to check in, because there’s a good chance i’m drooling in front of the tv set.

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Hot damn, i need to live vicariously for 24 hours straight

so ‘girl who sits next to me‘ lent me a new drug — season one of 24 on DVD.

It’s pretty much like meth.  

I’ve decided i don’t really NEED sleep. it’s WAY more important to find out if Jamie is a dirty CTU agent. 4 a.m.: she’s not. 5 a.m.: she might be. 7 a.m.: SHE IS!

I keep going back to the disk menu and watching another episode. I’ve reached 8 a.m. — in two days.

i literally interact with this show. i duck when they duck. I shoot people with my imaginary gun when bad guys show up. I scream ‘I KNEW HE WAS DIRTY!’ when new information shows that mr. york is NOT in fact mr. york. the sound the clock makes has become one with my heart beat.

I also have a crush on the guy in the flannel shirt. He might play a 21-year-old on my tv, but im thinking he’s probably old enough to date me (love me) in real life.

I have an hour break from work coming up and im fantasizing about watching 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. i need another hit. and i need it now.

yes, i know this show first aired in 2001 (back when i was still living a dorm. with a roommate.) but that’s exactly why god INVENTED dvds. (nice work big guy).


this show so rocks.

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