i hate eating out because i have trust issues

i went to one of my favorite restaurants today (beware, it’s a little white-trashy). (cough) Denny’s. (cough)

mainly it was because if i eat any more mexican food im going to cry and i know they have boca burgers there. and like a good little vegan i ordered one. without cheese. and requested that they not butter on anything. and i DID have coke, but other than that and the high fructose corn syrup in the ketchup i was pretty healthy.

but now i feel like crap. so im thinking the waitress didn’t take me seriously when i said “NO BUTTER.”

my stomach is doing flip-flops. the only possible explanation is that there WAS butter on the bun. or chesse. or eggs. im not sure. but i hate that restaurant now.

and ever since i’ve become a vegan i don’t want to eat out anywhere. at all. even if the restaurant was called Veganrestaurant i wouldn’t want to eat there because the chefs would probably put cheese on things and then exclaim “oh! cheese isn’t vegan?!” and then i would feel like crap 20 minutes after the meal.

and no. it’s not in my head. this is a real problem.

the only thing is, eating out is so d*mn social in this country.

so… i challenge you readers: tell me things i can do with people that don’t involve food, but do involve talking (see how i just disqualified movies) and getting out of the house. please. my social life depends on it.

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