Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.

1. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, which is kind of a big freaking deal in my town because they filmed the only movie ever made ever about the holiday right here in Woodstock. The groundhog is slated to emerge at about 7 a.m., when I will be sleeping. Don’t fret though, I already made Woodstock Willie a deal involving grasshoppers and berries, so I’m pretty sure we can expect highs in the mid-60s by this time next week.

2. I’m still broke.

3. I need a pair of cross-trainer shoes so I can do Jazzercise again, but I have no money. (See: no.2). And I wanted to get a pair of shoes on clearance or something at Wal-Mart, but the only ones there that didn’t totally suck were $23. And I’m not abouts to spend $23 on some shoes that barely meet the minimum requirement of not sucking. So, just for kicks (pun intended) I went the New Balance store, where the cross trainers fit like little pieces of sunshine. But they were $70, which is more money than I’m living on right now, so I couldn’t buy them. In conclusion, I haven’t done Jazzercise yet since THE SPRAIN. Also, do you want to buy me shoes?

4. Apture is jacked on my site, and sometimes I just want to call someone on a real phone and tell them to come over to my house and fix my internets for free. Is that too much to ask for a free product I use? No. Not it is no. For some reason, Apture, (the program that gives readers pop-out windows when they hover over my links) got rid of the external embed system I was using, and now I can’t figure out how to fix the internal embed system, which I now HAVE to use, and I’m too tired to work it out. In the meantime, you will need to just click on things if you want to see what I linked to.

5. RE: Half a person, now, with Art! I know I already posted this “before” picture of me, but I have a new “after” picture, and when I look at it on my computer I have to keep reminding myself that it’s um, ME! So I was like, screw it, it’s MY blog, and I can post a new set of before and after pictures any freaking time I want. Am I right?

So here you go:

One more time, before:  June, 2009


After (new and improved): Jan. 31, 2010


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