This post is (mostly) not about my ankle

Oh happy happy joy joy!

I’m on vacation from work tomorrow.

And the next day. And the day after that. And two more days after THAT!

(You can be jealous now).

I’m not even going to write a depressing paragraph here about how I requested this time off all the way back in July so that I could go Christmas shopping, and now I can’t walk because my ankle is still jacked the jack up, so Christmas shopping would be supa lame.

Nope. Not me. Not going to write anything about that.

Oh. and ALSO, in other breaking news, I am getting a Christmas bonus from work!

Not like last year’s bonus of free hot chocolate from the vending machine. A REAL bonus. Made of money!

I’m thinking that between the time off work and the extra cash I should be able to squeek in a smile here and there. Heck, I might even throw caution to the wind for a few seconds and try to forget about that stupid problem I have, (it rhymes with “frained vankle”).

I just need to remember not to forget about it when I’m standing up.

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