Thankful for my family.

I took this video on Thanksgiving. It captures the holiday for me. Family, food and pretty ear rings.

A few footnotes:

Mark is my brother. He’s me in opposite land. (And he’s always got a smart comment).

One family was a couple hours late, but total we had 23 people.

The tofurky tastes WAY better than it looks. Also, the spinach dip was amazing!

Gladstone is my sister’s dad.

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  1. HI!!!!!! hahaha. That doesn’t look like a tofurky, where did you get it? It looks like a celebration roast. Your earrings DO look like earrings, though. and they look very nice on you. Also, your mom rocks a pair of earrings exceptionally well too. I will email you what i made for Thanksgiving this year. You have a huge family by the way. love it! I did laugh at the part about Gladstone cooking a bunch of meat on the grill. haha, funny stuff.

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