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I’ve been a writing a crapload of stuff for work lately and all those coherent articles have made it hard for me to post anything long. so instead of a regular post, tonight you’ll be getting a list of random thoughts. enjoy:

*I finally got my freaking Wisconsin Driver’s license. and it’s pink. so that almost makes up for the fact that my face is the size of a cannon ball in the mug shot.

*anyone who isn’t an organ donor is a stupidhead. and i wouldn’t want their organs anyway.

*i really am happy it’s finally freaking nice outside.

*i’m still a vegan and i’ve lost weight. like 10 pounds. (true story).

*i’m pretty excited that the woman at Festival Foods said she’d order the vegan mac’n cheese in a box if i told her the brand name.

*i wish i made more money. and i’m not talking gobs of cash, i just wish i made enough to pay ALL my bills EVERY month. (is that even a real thing for other people?)

*i kind of miss mozzarella.

*my couch is coming FRIDAY! and I plan to have people over next week for a viewing. it’s expected to be fun times. Also, I’m pretty happy that i won’t have to sit on the floor to put my shoes on anymore. I think that officially makes me a grown-up.

*as for dating: I’m not sure what i’m looking for, i just know that i haven’t found it yet.

*Johnny Depp is coming to oshkosh (where i live) like next week. I’m thinking he’ll want to marry me because I’m awesome.

*i wish i had a dresser.

*my kitchen light is out and i have NO idea how to replace it, so i cook in romantic lightening every night — even though im so very single.

*I’m pretty sure Wisconsin is going to go all the way in that bracket thingy i’m doing. “how sure?” you ask. sure enough to bet $5 george washington’s on it, that’s how sure.

*blogs are fun. every girl should own one.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your post…crack me up.
    I make custom vegan cakes…the only reason I do sweets, is cos I can’t figure out how to make savory…
    right on about the mac n cheese…

    Last night spent eating the best veggie burger last night…but unfortunately not vegan…had gorgonzola.

    Miss mozzarella…how bout burrata…couldn’t give it up?
    Is that terrible???

    I got my Cali drivers license and mad because I look chubbier than my TX license…

    will keep reading your blog…most excellent

  2. Aww Crystal, its good to see after so long you are still the same person I used to spend ridiculously late nights at the paper with listening to your crazy stories and rants. Miss ya.

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