my two scents

ok. ok. i’ve been complaining about the weather foreva! and it’s finally warming up (and by warming up i mean 27 degrees) so i should be happy.

BUT there’s a little byproduct of the hotter temperatures — my car kind of smells. and i KNEW that not cleaning the outside for the past 17 months would result in a permant layer of gray salt, but i forgot that not cleaning the INSIDE would result in hidden smells.

and the cold temperatures apparently fooled me into thinking that all the garbage in my car was fragrance-free. ahhh. but it’s not. it’s so not. and i NEED to clean it out. but now it’s that weird time of year when it’s warm enough to make old food smell, but cold enough that i don’t want to take the time to futz around in my little green escourt (with many hard-to-reach sections) looking for whatever is causing the problem.

and i know all you people are going to think im gross now. but I swear im not. im just adverse to the cold. really. swear. as soon as oshkosh sees a 40 35-degree day, i’ll dig around and find out the root all smells. swear. 

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