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Be here now.

When I’m sinking in an article – the world seems right.

As I’m constructing the story, and absorbing the interview notes, and carefully placing each word in each sentence, my surroundings fade away. I’m not worried about money, or car repairs, or bad dates.

When I’m leading the youth group – the world seems content.

As I’m handing out hot dog buns, and leading prayer, and connecting with a kid I never imagined I’d connect with, the stress blurs. I’m not strategizing office politics, or wondering if I’ll ever have kids, or concerning myself with the fate of health care.

When I’m eating pancakes with old friends – the world seems good.

As I’m discussing the fate of journalism, and looking through last night’s photos, and fantasizing about life in the city,  the self-judgment takes a break. I’m not tallying  omelet and syrup calories in my head, I’m not comparing my financial success to anyone’s expectations and I’m not wondering how my eyebrows look.

A friend told me she once had a professor who used to say: Be here now.

It’s hard though. People always say technology makes it harder, but it’s always been hard.

You have make an effort most of the time.

But in life there are rare moments when it just happens. Times where you’re living your passion, or finding a new one, or connecting with friends.

Thank God for those moments.

Thank God.

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anyone got a hybrid i can borrow?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following post might make you cry.

So I’ve run some numbers and it’s looking like my two-hour round-trip commute back and forth to work is going to cost me …


a week.

and that’s only if gas prices don’t go up at all.

go ahead. start crying.

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randomly me

I’ve been a writing a crapload of stuff for work lately and all those coherent articles have made it hard for me to post anything long. so instead of a regular post, tonight you’ll be getting a list of random thoughts. enjoy:

*I finally got my freaking Wisconsin Driver’s license. and it’s pink. so that almost makes up for the fact that my face is the size of a cannon ball in the mug shot.

*anyone who isn’t an organ donor is a stupidhead. and i wouldn’t want their organs anyway.

*i really am happy it’s finally freaking nice outside.

*i’m still a vegan and i’ve lost weight. like 10 pounds. (true story).

*i’m pretty excited that the woman at Festival Foods said she’d order the vegan mac’n cheese in a box if i told her the brand name.

*i wish i made more money. and i’m not talking gobs of cash, i just wish i made enough to pay ALL my bills EVERY month. (is that even a real thing for other people?)

*i kind of miss mozzarella.

*my couch is coming FRIDAY! and I plan to have people over next week for a viewing. it’s expected to be fun times. Also, I’m pretty happy that i won’t have to sit on the floor to put my shoes on anymore. I think that officially makes me a grown-up.

*as for dating: I’m not sure what i’m looking for, i just know that i haven’t found it yet.

*Johnny Depp is coming to oshkosh (where i live) like next week. I’m thinking he’ll want to marry me because I’m awesome.

*i wish i had a dresser.

*my kitchen light is out and i have NO idea how to replace it, so i cook in romantic lightening every night — even though im so very single.

*I’m pretty sure Wisconsin is going to go all the way in that bracket thingy i’m doing. “how sure?” you ask. sure enough to bet $5 george washington’s on it, that’s how sure.

*blogs are fun. every girl should own one.

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