Monthly Archive: February 2008

vegans anonymous?

ok, so maybe giving up dairy. and cheese. and eggs. AND pop in the same week was just setting myself up to fail. and today, at lunch, with my vegan white rice and my vegan chik’n and my vegan broccoli i just couldn’t stomach the thought of water to drink. so, i gave in. i had a pop. DON’T WORRY!! I’m still a vegan. there’s no animal products in pepsi. im just trying to give it up as part of my new “healthy lifestyle.”

The weird thing was though, i didn’t really like the pop. I mean, YES, it was sweet. but it felt dirty when i drank it. like sugar gasoline. and i didn’t even finish it. instead i had some tea. (which, honestly wasn’t that good either). and i eventually finished off my mid-day meal with a vegan oreo and some reliable water.  

I kind of wish there was a support group for new vegans (or old vegans). except, i wish that if there were a support group, it was full of non-stereotypical vegans. because i don’t really like hippies. and i think those are the stereotypical vegans. im looking for NORMAL people who just HAPPEN to not want to eat meat. or dairy. or eggs. or cheese. or anything umm, good. wait. those people wouldn’t be normal. hmmm. what to do. what to do.

for those marking the days, this my my fourth as a vegan. and im just going to say it — im hungry. pretty much all. the. time. when i wake up — hungry. go to sleep — hungry. even if i eat — im still hungry. and when im full — im hungry. because vegan food just doesn’t stick my lungs like animal fat. on the plus side, it doesn’t seem to be sticking to my belly either. it hasn’t even been a week sans animal products and i already have gone down a notch in my belt — true story. and it’s like a comfortable notch down. like no sucking in or anything. and if i suck in a little, i can really go down TWO notches. and it’s hasn’t even been a week! so that’s a good sign. 

now im going to make myself some vegan dinner. (soy hot dog, whole wheat bun, baked “fries” and some broccoli) and i’ll probably wash it down with some water. wish me luck. 

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for those keeping track of my veganism

three days sans anything animal. three days! people! when was the last time YOU went three days without dairy. or butter. or eggs or for that matter MEAT!

if you want to tell me im awesome feel free to leave a comment. if you want to tell me im insane, well, i guess leave a comment about that too (just don’t expect me to approve it). j/k.

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my two scents

ok. ok. i’ve been complaining about the weather foreva! and it’s finally warming up (and by warming up i mean 27 degrees) so i should be happy.

BUT there’s a little byproduct of the hotter temperatures — my car kind of smells. and i KNEW that not cleaning the outside for the past 17 months would result in a permant layer of gray salt, but i forgot that not cleaning the INSIDE would result in hidden smells.

and the cold temperatures apparently fooled me into thinking that all the garbage in my car was fragrance-free. ahhh. but it’s not. it’s so not. and i NEED to clean it out. but now it’s that weird time of year when it’s warm enough to make old food smell, but cold enough that i don’t want to take the time to futz around in my little green escourt (with many hard-to-reach sections) looking for whatever is causing the problem.

and i know all you people are going to think im gross now. but I swear im not. im just adverse to the cold. really. swear. as soon as oshkosh sees a 40 35-degree day, i’ll dig around and find out the root all smells. swear. 

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