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Thankful for my family.

I took this video on Thanksgiving. It captures the holiday for me. Family, food and pretty ear rings.

A few footnotes:

Mark is my brother. He’s me in opposite land. (And he’s always got a smart comment).

One family was a couple hours late, but total we had 23 people.

The tofurky tastes WAY better than it looks. Also, the spinach dip was amazing!

Gladstone is my sister’s dad.

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With a straight face

My family is gathered today to eat tons of food and plan out the Black Friday festivities.

And, last night we played Taboo. It’s a game where you have to get your team to guess a word without saying any of the “Taboo” words listed under the word.

At one point my little sister shouted out clues about me. She said the answer was “what Crystal wears every winter.”

The answer was “straight jacket.”

She didn’t understand.

Or so she says.

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Bonding with my mom

My mom and I walk into Wal-mart, with a ‘holy crap we have to pee’ attitude and bolt to the bathroom.

We rush right past a group of women nearby – why are they just STANDING there, where pee is bursting to come out?

Then, into the bathroom – which seems just a little ickier than the usual public restroom.

And there, to the left.

The urinals.


Holy crap.

We have to leave.

The large group of women -who were in front of the correct bathroom – look at us like we’re crazy and/or stupid.

My mom and I decide to hold it until we can get to the bathrooms by electronics.

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