doing what johnny depp does seems hard. and tiring

well, since I’m officially “the closest to a real stalker as (my co-workers) can allow (me) to ethically get” (hi erin!), i went out to try to see jonnhy depp just ONE. MORE. TIME. wednesday night.

plus, um how often IS johnny depp like three blocks from where you work. huh? huh? that’s right. once. once in your WHOLE life.

This time I wasn’t a lonely gawker because i was actually standing with people i knew — three women who missed out on the whole religious experience i had Monday night.

actually, 3.7 women, because one of them is like 8 months pregnant. true story.

we had to wait like three hours, which is a little longer than I waited monday night, but a LOT shorter than what i waited Friday night.

and i had to keep convincing this little boy next to me that it was in fact TOTALLY worth it to wait this long to see Captain Jack Sparrow. (i know, duh! right?)

and then.

there was the official johnny sighting. (!)


by a tall man.

standing on a ladder.

and being the good gawkers that we were, we were all:


ruin this for us, or we will find a way to kill you.  

and everyone pretty much obeyed. and we waited some more.

and then johnny depp was like 10 feet away!

and then 5 feet away!

and then.

there he freaking was. again. right freaking in front of me.*

and it. was. amazing.

and i love him.

and he really DOES take the time to say hi to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

and no, he doesn’t  know about our marriage plans yet.

but i’m not too worried about it.

because love is strong.


and i DO have pictures to post this time (one of which already has been turned into a 8×10. and is in a frame. on my mantle. seriously. don’t be jealous.) but i have to figure out how to get them off my camera and on to the interweb.

if i can find a memory card reader at staples later, i have high hopes that they’ll be on my blog by this afternoon. UPDATE: my favorite one is now posted here.

and no, they DON’T have memory card readers at wal-mart. ugh, i already checked, losers.

obviously, i went to wal-mart RIGHTAFTERSEEINGJOHNNYDEPPAGAIN!! to check.


oh, and when i was there i ran into this three-year-old girl named Nadia who had a sign that read: “Marry me johnny. in 20 years! Love, Nadia.” and her mom showed it to me. and johnny depp totally signed it. against the advice of his body guard (or so I’m told) and apparently he leaned toward the little girl and said ‘I’ll be there for you”

and that’s how i officially became jealous of a three-year-old.

true story.
*Editor’s note: the video i linked to above is of johnny depp shaking hands wednesday night. it might be kind of hard to load, and the first minute or so seems to be messed up, but if you let it run, it’s totally worth it to watch the second half.
also, you can hear me say ‘thanks for coming to oshkosh.’
i know. im creative.
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  1. hey, my comment sounds kinda witchy if you don’t notice my sarcastic font, please don’t take it that way. Or kill me. I have more pictures posted.

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