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my two scents

ok. ok. i’ve been complaining about the weather foreva! and it’s finally warming up (and by warming up i mean 27 degrees) so i should be happy.

BUT there’s a little byproduct of the hotter temperatures — my car kind of smells. and i KNEW that not cleaning the outside for the past 17 months would result in a permant layer of gray salt, but i forgot that not cleaning the INSIDE would result in hidden smells.

and the cold temperatures apparently fooled me into thinking that all the garbage in my car was fragrance-free. ahhh. but it’s not. it’s so not. and i NEED to clean it out. but now it’s that weird time of year when it’s warm enough to make old food smell, but cold enough that i don’t want to take the time to futz around in my little green escourt (with many hard-to-reach sections) looking for whatever is causing the problem.

and i know all you people are going to think im gross now. but I swear im not. im just adverse to the cold. really. swear. as soon as oshkosh sees a 40 35-degree day, i’ll dig around and find out the root all smells. swear. 

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Reason #167 for hating winter:

My heat bill was $190. PEOPLE!! $190??!! to heat a SMALL apartment. for ONE month! what the crap? That’s more than my car payment. and it’s more than my car insurance payment. and almost half my freaking rent.

As a result, my apartment will now be 54 degrees (ish) for the rest of the winter. if you were planning to visit i’d recommend you bring an extra sweater. or a blanket. or summer.

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i can blog if i want to, i can leave this world behind

So i had some yummy mexican food with a bunch of bloggers last night. and it turns out i should be doing WAY more to categorize, tag, label and sort my posts.

i mean WAY more.

apparently my “long,” “medium.” and “short” system is lame and to be cool, im going to try to fix it. so i went back and put little tags on some of the posts (although, I’m still not quite sure how those work)* and i’ll probably be adding some more categories — be on the look out for the “snow sucks” category. and the “go (candidate x)” category.

Im not going to do much to back categorize because it would just take too d*mn long. and im not sure if editing posts like that messes up how my blog shows up on people’s RSS feed (whatever that is). but i pledge to do more sorting in the future. i do. i really do.  

also, readers, you can always just search a topic in the little search box on the side of my blog and any posts with the search words in it should pop up. it’s like goggle, but on my blog. 🙂

*UPDATE: I just discovered the “tag cloud.” which is now proudly displayed on the side of my blog. you can click on the different tags and it will take you to all the posts on my blog that have those tags. so. umm. tag! you’re it!

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